Winter Storm and Q&A Answers


The big drift behind me is my quinzhee!

The big drift behind me is my quinzhee!

What a storm!  School was cancelled on Friday, and there’s still a foot and a half of snow on most of the driveway.  Unfortunately, the snow blower decided that Friday morning was a perfect time to stop working, so we’re stuck with shovels.  My quinzhee’s getting pretty big, too.  In fact, given how flat Minnesota is, it’s probably among the top ten highest points of elevation in the state.  Okay, so maybe it’s not that massive, but at least I probably won’t have to pile any more snow on.

Anyway, here’s the first half of the Q&A.  Enjoy!

Q: What’s your plan to sleep outside when the snow melts?

A:  Come spring and the quinzhee becomes a blob of slush, my plan is to pitch a tent in the treehouse.  I could just pitch it on the ground, but then it’d get soggy from all the snowmelt. Since the tree platform has cracks in the floor, water can’t collect.  That’s the plan.

Q:  What did your teacher say about your essay? I thought it was great!

A:  I think I got around 96% on it.  There were a few things he didn’t like, but he did put an encouraging comment on the front.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what it said.

Q:  Do you have to shovel off the roof periodically so it doesn’t get too thick?

A:  Yes – but not the way you’d think.  Every few weeks, the ceiling slumps from its own weight and I have to carve out a new one.  Essentially, I’m shoveling off my roof from the inside, if that makes any sense.    If I did shovel off the top, it might prevent the slumping, but I’m a bit leery of standing on the roof.  It’d be a real shame if it collapsed!

I’ll answer the rest of the questions in my next post.   Thanks for reading, everyone!

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