A Note from Rudy’s Mom – #2


Lobby to Fitger’s Hotel

What an exciting time this is for Rudy and for our whole family.  We all took part in his Habitat for Humanity night out in the Ice House last Saturday night at Fitger’s, in Duluth, Minnesota.  Rudy spoke to the press and visited with people as part of a Habitat awareness event.  Heidi (Rudy’s sister) helped to judge the ice lantern contest, Mark (Rudy’s dad) slept out with him in the ice house, and I was general support.  I did not grow up in a very community service oriented family.  Being involved is such a wonderful feeling.  When I see the responses from people across the globe, I feel more connected to the world than I ever have.   This is all because of Rudy and his challenge, his goal, his determination and creativity.  I learn so much from my children.

Thank you all for supporting Rudy’s efforts and for your donations to Habitat for Humanity and to Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory.  I feel like we are teammates working toward the goal of making the world a better place, toward thinking about how we are all connected; people, animals, planet.  Rudy won’t be getting publicity constantly for the next 4 months.  It will be up to us to share this with our friends and family, and they with their friends and family, to spread Rudy’s story and his hopes for our collective future, to inspire others to service and/or to give financial support of worthy organizations.  Let’s share this website with those we know, so that even more can be done.  Rudy has jumped into the pond, and we are the continuing ripples in the water that will spread his inspiration far and wide.

Thank you Daryl, from our local Habitat for Humanity, for coordinating this event.  Thank you, Fitger’s, for providing our family with a room at your Inn on Saturday night.  It was so nice to all be downtown together.  Thank you, security folks at Fitger’s, for keeping a special eye out for Rudy’s safety in the Ice House. Thank you, Kal and your family, for coming down to support your friend.  That means more to me than you know.  Thank you, world, for this incredible opportunity.      Gail

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3 Responses

  1. Jerry lacy says:

    Sure do enjoy following Rudy and his adventure. Whole family quite special!!

  2. Melanie says:

    I just stumbled on Rudy’s story late last night and was truly inspired and amazed. I have shared his mission on my nature/animals/conservation page on Facebook (My Eco-centric Life), as well as a couple other networks. And, I also made a small donation to HMBO. No doubt Rudy has been inspired by the work you do! I’ve been a volunteer at a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation and education center in the metro-Atlanta area for the past four years and recently became the Education Director for Atlanta Audubon, and I know that being involved with my work has been a wonderful, transformative experience for my kids. Keep up the great work!

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