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Mission: to protect birds of prey and other migratory birds in the Western Lake Superior Region through research, education, and stewardship.

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I love camping and the outdoors, which is the main reason I started sleeping outside.  In the summer, I liked hearing the owls at night and waking up to the sunrise slanting through the fir branches, the birdsong, and the squirrels chattering at me from higher in the tree.   

I was introduced to Hawk Ridge when my mom volunteered there.  She now works as their Education Director, and together we helped raise money for Hawk Ridge at the 2012 Birdathon.

Help me spread the joy and importance of nature by supporting Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory.  Hawk Ridge provides quality environmental education programs to hundreds of schoolchildren each year, along with countless adults.  They also conduct important research on migratory bird species.


If you’re ever in the Duluth area in autumn, by all means come and visit Hawk Ridge to enjoy the birds and the wonderful view.

— Rudy Hummel for Snore Outdoors

 People connect with live birds at Hawk Ridge. They learn about birds first, then bird habitat, followed by the web that connects all of nature, including people. And when they get excited, they act in ways that care for the web of all life -- people and nature.

People connect with live birds at Hawk Ridge. They learn about birds, habitat, and the connections with all of nature, including people.

“Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is honored to be one of two organizations Snore Outdoors has chosen to support.  This commitment by members of our youth community is inspiring.  We hope Snore Outdoors is able to inspire a deeper sense of place by encouraging others to explore the ecosystem around them from a new perspective.

And we wish Rudy many memorable encounters with hooting owls, migrating songbirds under the stars, and being wakened by the morning calls of chickadees.

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is a non-profit organization in Duluth, MN that manages the 365-acre Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve.  During the fall, approximately 80,000 raptors — and over 200,000 non-raptors — migrate through Hawk Ridge.  To find out more about this Audubon-recognized Important Bird Area, please visit hawkridge.org.”

                    — Janelle Long, Executive Director, Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory


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Online fundraising for Snore Outdoors for a Better WorldYou can help Hawk Ridge provide education programs for kids and adults; conduct research on birds, migration patterns, and habitat across the world; and care for the habitat that sustains birds, animals, and people, too.

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  1. Anne says:

    What an inspiration to us all! Thank you for showing me how one person can make a difference!

  2. annie yasmineh says:

    You should change it so that the ability to donate and see where he is sitting with his goal and funding is easier to find. It should just pop up and that way he would get more donors. I had to look around to find out where to finally donate. You must be very proud of your son!!!!

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