Porcupine Mountains Ski Trip

Late afternoon shadows create geometrical patterns that highlight changes in topography.

Late afternoon shadows create geometrical patterns that highlight changes in topography.

This week has been really busy, even though it’s spring break.  Between ski-backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan’s upper peninsula, a college-in-the-schools physics project, pep band at the state hockey tournament, and a speech meet, I’ll be lucky to get all my other homework done.

Anyway, the ski trip was quite fun.  We left on Sunday morning with our friends Jim and Julie, their sons Ben and Sam, and our friend Zach.  It took us three hours to drive to the Porkies, where we unloaded our gear and strapped our skis and packs on.  The ski in to the cabin was about three miles, but when you have a heavy pack on, it seems like a lot longer.  But, it was well worth it.  The eight-bunk cabin was very cozy, and when I went to find a place to dig a new quinzhee, I discovered that a previous visitor had already made one!  It was rather cramped, but not as bad as the one in Milwaukee.  Also, the builder had covered the floor with (fir?) branches, which gave the cave a pleasant smell.

On Monday, we skied up a ridge and then down again.  The trail was pretty steep and full of sharp corners, so the only one who didn’t crash at least once on the way down was Jim, because he went more slowly than the rest of us.  Zach wouldn’t have fallen, either, if Sam hadn’t smashed into him and sent them both flying.  After that, we took naps back at the cabin and went outside to play some games.  In the evening, we ate Ramen and brownies while playing cards.

Overall, a very enjoyable trip.

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3 Responses

  1. Julie Belden says:

    I loved the ski trip. It was quite an experience to balance a pack on the back while skiing up and down hills. So glad for you that there was a quinsy already made.

  2. Sometimes I think we are crazy with how much we try to fit into our lives. It’s all good though!

  3. Jerry lacy says:

    Sounds like a great trip and a busy schedule

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