Outside in Milwaukee

Sunset outside my Grandpa's house, and my quinzhee in Milwaukee

Sunset outside my Grandpa’s house, and my quinzhee in Milwaukee

My Grandpa turned 90 earlier this week and we went to Milwaukee to celebrate.  Of course; I had to sleep outside.  When we arrived after a seven-hour drive, I immediately started piling snow for another quinzhee.  After I shoveled Grandpa’s driveway, anyway.  After a few hours and help from my dad, sister, and cousin from Arizona (it was an interesting experience for him), I finished a new, much smaller bedroom.  Much, much smaller.  I could hardly stretch out inside, and my nose was an inch away from the ceiling last night when I used it.  I slept fine, though.  The balmy Milwaukee weather was so warm I left my sleeping bags unzipped and didn’t use my hot water bottle.  Tonight’s supposed to be a little colder, but don’t think it’ll be a problem.  Happy 90th birthday, Grandpa!

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