A Note from Rudy’s Mom 1/14/2014


Gail, Skiing behind HHSThanks for checking this out and supporting our son, Rudy.  We have received so much positive feedback since his quest hit the news a few weeks ago.  I know Rudy appreciates the support, and so do Mark and I.
A note about safety…  For those who are concerned about safety, you are not the only ones!  We are quite attached to this young man.  We would be crushed if anything were to happen to him because of this endeavor or because of the randomness of life.  So, please be assured that we are not letting him do anything that we deem to be unsafe.  We ask questions of those who know more about winter camping and make sure that safety precautions such as a GFCI outlet for his lights and venting in his snow cave are covered.  People often use a candle in a snow cave, but the night he used one was worrisome for me. Carbon monoxide can build up in enclosed places.  We made sure that the candle was safely away from him, and was properly vented.  Mark went out to check on him on this cold night and he was fine.  We do appreciate and understand the concern that we have heard about. Thank you for caring.Rudy is a very capable young man, with lots of imagination, creativity and determination.  We try to support him in his endeavors as best we can.  I have had a few nights when my sleep was interrupted by worry but my worries are proving to be unfounded.  Plus, we have an agreement about the ‘threshold’; the point at which would have to come in for the night!Thanks again for all of the support.  As Sam Cook from the Duluth News Tribune wrote,
“Sleep on, Rudy”.Gail
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  1. James says:

    So, how do you spell proud…RUDY??

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