News Release: “Snore Outdoors” Teen Supports Charities 1/23/14

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JAN. 23, 2014


‘Snore outdoors’ teen supports charities

17-year-old will sleep outside for a year to help two groups


HERMANTOWN, Minn.—Rudy Hummel decided last June to challenge himself and see if he could sleep outside for a full summer.

Rudy Portrait D7T_8779cbl Now the 17-year-old high school student who has generated international attention for extending his challenge for a full year—even through northern Minnesota’s bitter winter cold—has turned challenge into charity.

Hummel will make his “Snore Outdoors” quest a fundraiser for two charities: Habitat for Humanity, which provides quality housing to those without it, and Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth, which educates thousands of adults and children annually about migratory birds and nature.

“I thought about what’s important to me, like the outdoors. I also thought about how many people have to sleep outside all the time, without sleeping bags or warm clothing,” Hummel said. “At first glance, these don’t seem very well-connected, but to me they are. Caring for people is important, and so is caring for the environment that sustains us. Treating nature well is treating each other well, both now, and for generations yet to come. It’s our habitat, too. We all live on this planet together.”

Supporters can learn more about Hummel’s Snore Outdoors quest and can easily contribute to Habitat for Humanity and Hawk Ridge through donation buttons on his website, Followers can keep track of his outdoor sleeping project on the site and through his Snore Outdoors pages on Facebook ( and Twitter (@snoreoutdoors).

Rudy sleeping in tree platform at -17 F.

Rudy sleeping in tree platform at -17 F.


Hummel began his quest June 7, 2013, by sleeping in his back yard. Through challenging weather and family trips out-of-town, he has maintained his outdoor sleeping streak. When winter struck northern Minnesota with above-average snowfall and below-average temperatures, Hummel built a quinzhee, or snow hut, in his backyard. He has been sleeping there for several weeks, including when overnight temperatures have plunged to near 30 below zero Fahrenheit. He uses a combination of cold-weather clothing and gear to stay warm. His parents support his effort and work with him to keep him safe.



Habitat for Humanity Ice House

Habitat for Humanity Ice House

On Saturday, Hummel will trade his quinzhee for an ice house that Habitat for Humanity has built in the courtyard of the Fitger’s Inn complex in Duluth to raise awareness about their efforts. Hummel will discuss his quest, his fundraising effort and be available for interviews at 2:30 p.m. Saturday Jan. 25 on the Lakewalk side of Fitger’s, 600 E. Superior St.


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  1. Shirley says:

    Proud of you, Rudy! You are a truly wonderful person! Keep up the good work!

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