News on my Challenge… And Yours

I have some news to share…

1)  I have only 37 days to go in my quest to sleep outside for a year!  It’s been a bit rough lately – harder than in the winter.  It is cold, wet and very windy which makes for challenging nights in my tent.  The wind was blowing up to 50 mph at night last week!  I actually kinda miss the quinzhee, because the foot-thick walls kept out sound so well.  Now I have to deal with the wind.  Unfortunately, I lost both of my earplugs last night.  They’re somewhere in the tangle of blankets and sleeping bags…

2)  The Board of Directors at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory has joined together to offer a $1,000 matching donation if my efforts can bring in $1000 dollars in donations (or more!) for Hawk Ridge between May 1st and the end of my year, June 6th.  Thank you so much to the Board!  So, readers, if you have been thinking about donating to Hawk Ridge, now is a great time to do it.  Your donation will be doubled!   They are planning on using the money to get a trainee that will benefit Hawk Ridge during the migration season, and help the trainee in their career.  Once trained, this person will continue to educate other people about the environment. That is long lasting benefit coming from your donation.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Help me show other people what an amazing world we live in by camping outside on June 6th and donating to Hawk Ridge! Or, sleep outside to raise awareness for the homeless and donate to Habitat for Humanity!


3)  I am inviting everyone to join together and sleep outside on my last night, Friday, June 6th.  You can sleep anywhere that works for you, in a tent or not.  Sleep outside.  Look at the stars.  Listen to the night sounds.  Think about people that have no choice in where they sleep.   Take a picture and post it afterward on our Facebook page!  You can collect donations from family, friends and neighbors in support of Snoreoutdoors.  People and nature, we all share this great planet.  We all belong here.  And… we all have the responsibility to help those in need and to take care of the environment that sustains us.  I would love to see people from around the world sleep outside, think about these global issues and have fun.   Please experience part of my adventure and learning!  How many will join in??!

Please share this widely!  Put it on your Facebook page.  Email it to friends and family.  The wider it goes, the more awareness will grow about our place on this planet.  We all have a responsibility to help our world be a better place, and we can have fun while we are at it!  Join us!



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