Minus 27 Degrees F 1/6/14

I’m still alive.  In fact, I was absolutely toasty last night, despite the low temperatures.  I had an extra fleece sweatshirt with a hood, and a V-8 bottle filled with hot water in my sleeping bag.  The candle went out halfway through the night, but it wasn’t giving off much heat anyway.  The water bottle was amazing, though!

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8 Responses

  1. TrinaMb says:

    Just caught your story based on all the media attention you’re getting of late. Congrats! Kudos to your parents for their support. Large plastic bottles filled with hot water are amazingly better than the typical rubber version. Enjoy the experience.

  2. Julie Belden says:

    Great job Rudy. We are all so proud of you. Way to set a goal for yourself and stick with it. You could teach other teens a lot if they could just do that. Jim and I slept in our snow cave Sunday night too and it was +32 inside and -27 with much lower wind chill outside. Shocker to go out of the fort. Keep up the good work and looki g forward to donating to the causes when you get that set up.

  3. Nick Audet says:

    Speaking of the candle not doing much help, there is an article that talks about taking advantage of the candle. Here it is:


  4. David Peters says:

    As a homeschool dad of four children, I applaud your crazy goal and creativity. Just a note of solidarity: last Friday, I slept outside in my snow cave in NH when it dipped to -13 and, without a candle, the cave stayed at 35° no problem.

  5. What temperature inside the quinzee? Was the bottle of water still warm in the morning?

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