Icicles on my Snowy Ceiling

Two warm days and my house begins to melt!

Two warm days and my house begins to melt!

Me and the Quinzhee

Gaaahh, it’s melting!!  Two nights ago I was awakened by a drop of water on my face, and the sound of plopping on my sleeping bag.  There are icicles hanging from my ceiling!  If this warm weather keeps up, I’m going to have to move to the tree platform sometime this week.  That doesn’t seem bad, right?  But here in northern Minnesota, the spring thaw doesn’t come until as late as May.  That means that this balmy 35-degree weather is just  a warm spell, and that the single digits will probably return again.  And when they do, I may not have a quinzhee to sleep in.  So, I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and put garbage bags over my blankets to keep them from getting soaked.

Those Without a Quinzhee

Kinda makes me wonder how all those homeless people are doing right now.  During the course of this warm spell, the snow has melted just enough to turn walkways into massive swampy puddles that soak through shoes, and if you’re sleeping on the ground, bedding.  It still gets down to the low twenties some nights, and it’ll get worse as the cold of winter returns.  One thing I’ve noticed about sleeping outside is that being wet and cold at the same time is miserable, and though I haven’t had any real problems with it, I know it can be deadly, too.  Especially for those who don’t have roof over their heads for icicles to grow on.  So, please  take the time to click on the donation link at the top of this page if you haven’t already.  And even if you have, share this website with your friends on facebook, twitter, or anywhere else.  Your few seconds could literally save lives in the long run.

Thank you!


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