CNN Truck in Driveway 1/8/14

There’s a CNN truck outside right now waiting to do a live interview on national TV.  I did a live phone interview for Arise America last night, and I’m doing another one with FOX at lunchtime today…  This is gettin’ crazy.  Anyway, I’ve been nice and cozy the last couple of nights.  The thermometer inside the quinzhee has been reading close to zero, but I’ve been using the hot water bottle trick and I’ve added an extra wool blanket.

More to the point, I realize that a lot of people will be looking at this blog in the days to come.  I want to tell you all about an idea I had at the beginning of December: to turn this into a fundraiser.  I have two organizations picked out that I’d like to collect donations for, and even though I can’t give their names yet, they’re both deserving causes.  I’ll get the information on the donations on here as soon as I can,  but in the mean time, please help me by telling your friends about what I’m doing and this blog!  The more people we reach, the more good we can do for the world!  They’re calling me for the interview, gotta go.

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