Becoming Bigger in Who We Are 1/30/14 (A Note from Rudy’s Dad)

Heart Rays with YOU RESPOND 2, 9x16-rYou have responded to Rudy and his quest with awe-inspiring appreciation, good will, and outright love.  I want you to know that your responses are transforming our family in ways we had never imagined.   We are becoming bigger in who we are.  And so are you.

Last week CobyFahleen (cfahleen7) wrote: “Just wanted to say what you’re doing Is amazing.  I’ve always wanted to do something for the world but nothing like this!”

Well Coby, Rudy didn’t start out trying to do something for the world.  He just chased something he loved down a path with heart.  He didn’t know where it might lead.  He made the commitment to sleep outside.  His friends called it ‘The Pointless Endeavor.”  It didn’t matter if they got it.  Rudy got it.

Three months turned in 365 days.  People started hearing about it.  The news media caught wind.  What to do with the attention?  School and Scouts both emphasized service.  Hmmmm.  That’s how the fundraiser idea surfaced.  It took off from there.  And it keeps growing.

Rudy has a lot of support.  His family, friends,  and teachers are pitching in.   People and organizations in the community are helping with website design, logos, and logistics.  And you.  You inspire us daily, with your good-will, compassion, and generosity.

No Coby, we didn’t set out to make a difference in the world, but here is how I would turn our experience into advice.

Maybe your path is filled snow, like Rudy's, for now anyway...

Maybe your path is filled snow, like Rudy’s, for now anyway…



Find what you love and be willing to chase it down a path, even though you can’t see where it will lead.  Make a commitment.  Keep it.  (Try not to try too hard, either.  That only gets in the way.)


... or maybe it's warm and lush... (isn't nature a great metaphor for life?)

… or maybe it’s warm and lush… (isn’t nature a great metaphor for life?)



It’s a risk.  No guarantees.  Maybe you’ll reach your goal and maybe you won’t.  Either way though, you’ve thrown yourself into a world of possibilities by exploring.  You will learn.  You will grow.  And you will become bigger in who you are.   Is that not what we are looking for?  Connection?  Engagement?  Giving this world the gifts that are ours to offer?


I can hear the world calling for you, Coby, calling for me, calling for each of us to throw ourselves into this life with all the love, curiosity, compassion, and generosity we can muster.  What else are we here for?

Once you put yourself out there, people show up to help

Once you put yourself out there, people show up to help

Once you put yourself out there, the world conspires with your commitment.  People begin to show up who can help.  Ideas and resources start appearing all around you.  Opportunity does indeed come calling.  All you have to do is notice when it bumps into you, grab hold, and hang on for the ride.

Sharing in the warmth of each other's fire

Sharing in the warmth of each other’s fire



A heartfelt THANKS! to you, and to everyone who has commented or contributed to Snore Outdoors, or thought of other ways to serve.  Thank you for sharing the warmth of your fires.   Let’s continue becoming bigger in who we are.

The world awaits…


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2 Responses

  1. Melanie says:

    Great post! I so agree that once we put ourselves out there with passion and commitment, the world conspires to help. I’ve experienced this firsthand — volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center became a big commitment for me that I loved, and it’s led me to my dream job working for my local Audubon chapter. I’m so inspired by Rudy. I wish I’d had his passion and commitment at that age! Obviously, he has some pretty great role models in his life. 🙂

    • Mark Hummel says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Melanie! I know what you mean about wanting to figure it out earlier in life. “Better late than never” is a common theme for me. As for role models, I surely would like to be like Rudy some day when I grow up! (Thank you.)

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