Author: Mark Hummel


Thank You, Mr. Garrison Keillor (A Note from Rudy’s Dad)

  Here we are in the basement of the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, eating catered dinner with the cast and crew from A Prairie Home Companion.  Garrison Keillor is asking Rudy about his quest to sleep outside for...

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Stories to Tell: Sleeping Outside in Duluth’s Second-Coldest Winter on Record

  Duluth, MN, 3/1/2014: 2013-2014 is Duluth’s second-coldest winter on record (Duluth News Tribune).  Second coldest winter on record; 57 days with temperatures below zero, the most by over two weeks.  Average temperature of 3.8 ° F.        ...

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Becoming Bigger in Who We Are 1/30/14 (A Note from Rudy’s Dad)

You have responded to Rudy and his quest with awe-inspiring appreciation, good will, and outright love.  I want you to know that your responses are transforming our family in ways we had never imagined.   We are becoming bigger in...

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News Release: “Snore Outdoors” Teen Supports Charities 1/23/14 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JAN. 23, 2014   ‘Snore outdoors’ teen supports charities 17-year-old will sleep outside for a year to help two groups   HERMANTOWN, Minn.—Rudy Hummel decided last June to challenge himself and see if he could sleep...

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