Habitat’s Ice House: A Work of Art 1/27/14

D7T_9240cblc-rHello again, everybody!  The Habitat for Humanity awareness event at Fitger’s was a success.  The turnout for the ice lantern contest was small, but we had fun.  A big shout out to everyone who came, including my friend Kal and his family.

My dad and I slept in the ice house that Habitat for Humanity built.  We were expecting to be more challenged, but luckily it was only 14 degrees on Saturday night.

A warm wind from the east piles up ice on the shore

A warm wind from the east piled up ice on the shore




We woke up and looked outside to see a quilt of snow on the cracked ice of Lake Superior.





Last night was a different story.  It was -10 degrees inside my quinzhee, which was colder than it’s been in there all year.  With the windchill, it was so cold my school closed today, but I stayed toasty since the windchill doesn’t affect me in my quinzhee.



Finally, I’d like to thank the people who have contributed to Habitat and Hawk Ridge so far.  We have a long way to go before we meet our goal, but we’re off to a great start thanks to you.  The International Habitat site doesn’t have a way to tell us how much has been donated, so we’ll try to get an update for you.  In response to a comment on the home page, yes, the donations made through this website are recorded under Snore Outdoors.

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